About Us

- What’s the story behind it?

We are a London based boys clothing brand, aimed at the fashion conscious dressing the boys in their lives (3-12yrs). Recognizing that loving fashion isn’t just for the girls, we deliver a collection that has been designed as mini capsule wardrobes, making it easy for the boys to create their own individual style and look. With an emphasis on quality, and comfort, without compromising on the style stakes, and all without a tractor or dinosaur print in sight (because that’s just not us!).

Designed with attention to detail, inside and out. The collection looks towards the grown ups for the trends, and the silhouettes, but interprets them in a way that allows boys to be boys.

- Why " Laundry Tribe”?

Knowing that boys will be boys, the laundry basket is always full, after the rough and tumble of climbing trees, exploring or perfecting all those skateboard and bike tricks... and after all, its not as much fun if you don't have your own tribe to hang out with.

- Why boys...

Laundry Tribe was born out of the recurring conversations about trying to find something a little different for the boys.

The collection is designed specifically for boys, so not to dilute the focus, and as a direct response to a hunger in the market for more quality trend focused boy’s options. Outfit building and creating mini capsule wardrobes, the collection can be put together to create a multitude of looks, from grand adventures to looking like a smartie pants while not looking out of place hanging out with the grown-ups.